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We developed a 4-year partnership for National Geographic Society and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University to bring leading National Geographic explorers working at the cutting-edge of human knowledge across various fields such as Circular Economy, Science and Engineering. This has helped inspire thousands of students as well as members of the public to understand the need to drive circular economy in our world.


As part of the focus on packaging waste in this partnership, we brought Arthur Huang, an engineer, architect and 2016 National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Arthur and his company Miniwiz turn discarded plastics, apparel, even cigarette butts into everything from Nike Store interiors to sailboats to skyscrapers. Through a series of public talks and industry workshops, Arthur engaged with stakeholders across the  industry on turning trash into post-consumer “high-performance materials” through innovative material science and architectural projects.


  • Singapore
  • January 2018

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