Feeding the 5000


Feeding the 5000 is a community food festival that aims to raise awareness for the +791,000 tonnes of food that are annually going to waste in Singapore. On March 25, 2018 at the City Square Mall, GA Circular and partners provided a free (halal and vegetarian) meal to 5000 members of the audience, made entirely from top quality ingredients that would otherwise have gone to waste.


The internationally renowned Feeding the 5000 events have taken place in over 40 locations around the world since the first edition in London in 2009. Together with our partnering organisations Food Bank Singapore, Food from the Heart, Free Food For All and Insectta Farm, we brought Feeding the 5000 to Asia for the first time. By organising the event in Singapore, we aimed to start a national movement on food waste in Singapore and encourage retailers and supermarkets to do their part to reduce food waste by regularly donating surplus food to people in need.


  • Partners: CDL, Rabobank, Kampong Group, various food rescue NGOs
  • March 2018

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