Working with GA Circular provides the opportunity to work in a mindfully growing, Singapore-headquartered company dedicated to finding business-driven solutions to tackle waste challenges in Asia. We are diverse team of 5 nationalities with multi-faceted backgrounds in engineering, business, packaging, environment, economics, policy and finance. While primarily based in Singapore, roles in GA Circular will involve local travel within the Asia region with an opportunity to meet and build relationships with a wide range of local stakeholders from industry, government and NGOs.


If that sounds good to you – we welcome you to join us.



If you are driven to solve Asia’s biggest waste management challenges but can’t find open positions above, then please follow our GA Circular LinkedIn page to stay tuned for future openings. We look out for candidates who are determined to create a world without waste either through better product design, policies, collection and recycling strategies or communications and can demonstrate their achievements.


In the meantime if you’d like to learn more about driving circular economy in Asia and make yourself a more competitive candidate, here are a few courses and reports we highly recommend:


РCoursera Course on Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries 

– An Introduction to Circular Economy

– Towards Circularity of Flexible Packaging in Asia by GA Circular

– The Next Wave by Ocean Conservancy

How we work

We get our hands dirty

We will go through great lengths to get the data our clients are looking for, even if it means we have to do detailed waste audits.

We engage communities

We seek every opportunity to engage and educate communities on sustainability.

We establish relationships

Successful actions from well established networks are crucial because sustainability require a lot of effort and partners to make it work.


Internships with GA Circular are perfect for students looking to apply all that they have learnt in school to the world around us. As an intern, you are part of our team. You get to work in an environment with endless support where your learning is priority. There are real deadlines, real deliverables and real client projects for you to work with.